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by Flying Platforms

Baker 04:46
She saw me walking by in the corner of her eye My dumb ass didn't even see her But when I did I really got the high When the phone rang on a summer day Must've started with a "hey" or some senseless rap to fill the space trying to get her to stay on the line she stayed for five, pretty soon we took a dive We'd skip on school just to mess around with which the mommy didn't jive I said “Baby we could run from home we could make it on our own” We're like seventeen" she said "and we’ve got no job, How we gonna get a loan?" I said “We'll think about it later We getting outta Baker" I knew that it would break her but I thought I'd be her savior“ Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and go So we hopped on the greyhound with 3 bills and a quarter We blocked all the calls while they knocked on the walls They wouldn't accept her as a daughter We drove over the hills and far away No less than 90 on the highway By the time we got to the Blvd We thought we were here to stay We made our home in a motel put up Mia on the wall Every night we made love "Go to Hell" said the junkie down the hall Who would’ve thought he'd be our guide down through a rabbit hole We laughed at the whores when they chased down their Johns until we had to sell our souls We'll think about it later We're hundred miles from Baker I'll make a decent waiter then I could be the savior Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and go
Sandrine 04:11
Penguin 03:52
How I wish that I could fly Just like every friend of mine but I Well it’s not that I never try so ask me no more How I wish that I could run Just like those who’re having all the fun but they all left before I've begun so ask me no more I still dream of that blue sky and I try not to cry what a fool have I become How I wish that I could bark to scare those bullies out of the dark till they take back their mean remarks but that's not how I am How I wish that I could bite those hands that feed me each day and night but it's easy living inside and that's just how I am I believe that I can do anything that I want to someday but not so soon I still dream of that blue sky and I try not to cry I believe that I can do anything that I dare try I don’t need to sulk in bed every morning when I wake I don’t need to sit and whine, look for things that I can brake I can make my life worthwhile, hide the tears, put on a smile


released January 16, 2018

written and produced by Shinichiro Kawasaki
#6 written by Christine Agena and SK

Christopher Spilsbury on drums
Shin Kawasaki on guitar and vocals
Wingo Shackleford on synth and laptop
Traci Kato-Kiriyama and Christine Keiko Agena as Madeleines

"Sandrine" includes samples from "Je-suis-frais-au-palais-comme" by Sandrine Monlezun
"(Die Like A) Dinosaurs" written by Christine Keiko Agena




shinkawasaki Los Angeles, California

Interpreter of sound, language and culture. Supporting Downtown Women's Center, Little Tokyo Service Center and World Food Programme thru proceeds from Bandcamp.

音と言語と文化の通翻訳者。Bandcamp上の収益の全ては、Downtown Women's Center (ダウンタウンロスアンジェルスに住むホームレスの女性たちをサポートする団体)、リトル東京サービスセンター、World Food Programme (国際連合世界食糧計画) へ寄付しています。
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