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What A Shame

by shinkawasaki

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Can't help but stare at your hand in my hand
We both know it's a risky game
at least one of us will get hurt in the end
Who's to blame, who's to Blame

Can’t keep messing with your head and my head
Neither can I keep quiet instead
Same old story, just not the one I read
What a shame, what a shame

Can't help but dream of your face, your grace
Might as well be a moth to a flame
Better let go or there'll be no hiding place
Can’t be tamed, can’t be tamed

Can’t keep on looking down on your phone all day
shuffling the words you wish you could say
Nothing you’d do would make them all go away
What a shame, what a shame

Can't stand ourselves having to play charades
All the while wanting them to break
One card flips and it shows the ace of spades
I can't fake, I can't fake

Nothing would ease this ever-growing pain
A fruitless yearning remains the same
In another universe, we shall meet again
What a shame


released March 11, 2019
written by Shinichiro Kawasaki
produced by Glenn Suravech and SK
Engineered and mixed by Glenn Suravech
Mastered by Ryoji Hata

Christopher Spilsbury on drums
Edward LaBarbera on acoustic bass
Steve "Shag" Aguilar on keyboards
Joe Ferruzzo on trumpet
SK on guitars, synthesizers and vocals

Roland Juno by the courtesy of Todd McDearman




shinkawasaki Los Angeles, California

Soundchaser/Two-time Independent Music Awards finalist (Album/Eclectic). Currently travel-blogging at #beatvagabond and working on new material.

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